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Commercialize Your Research

Commercialization of University-Developed Research Results

The McMaster Industry Liaison Office (MILO) provides support to faculty, staff, and students at McMaster, Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton in facilitating the transfer of research discoveries from lab to market, creating social and economic benefits, for Canadians and the world.

Our flexible Joint Intellectual Property Policy allows the inventor(s) to decide whether they wish to pursue commercialization on their own or with the assistance of MILO. The process starts with contacting MILO Business Development group to tell us about your idea and completing an Invention Disclosure Form (PDF). Even if you wish to pursue commercialization on your own, there is an obligation to disclose to MILO to ensure that the institution is meeting all funding obligations by sponsors or government agencies that supported the research. It is strongly recommended that you speak to us before giving presentations or publishing work with commercial potential as this may restrict our ability to file for patents in most countries.

Each year, MILO evaluates more than 80 new invention disclosures and works with the faculty and student inventor(s) to explore its potential to be used by existing companies or as a basis for a new startup. MILO staff manage the commercialization process, and with your input, help you to:

  • Develop strategies to protect the invention through patents or other forms of intellectual property
  • Identify grant opportunities for further development of the technology
  • Connect with companies as potential licensees or collaborators for further development
  • Facilitate and support the creation of a startup company

All revenues the university generates through commercialization (for example: a royalty, milestone payments, license fees, and/or equity) are shared equally between the inventors (50%) and the institutions – McMaster and affiliated hospitals, as applicable (50%).

In addition to patentable inventions, MILO also supports the commercialization of software and mobile applications, copyright tools and quality-of-life questionnaires, biological materials, and know-how.

To discuss your invention and how we can help, contact Glen Crossley, Associate Director, Business Development and Intellectual Property.

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