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Are you an industry partner interested in using any of the products or apps here? Contact the MILO Business Development team for more information about licensing opportunities:

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GMFM App+ Read about the GMFM App+

McMaster researchers have created an application version of the Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM), a clinical tool designed to evaluate changes in gross motor function in children with cerebral palsy. The app incorporates the original 88-item measure (GMFM-88), the more recent 66-item measure (GMFM-66), and five Motor Growth Curves describing patterns of motor development found in a sample of 650 children in Ontario with cerebral palsy.

MyTransition App Read about the myTransition App

The MyTransition mobile app aims to aid children aged 12-18 slowly take increasing responsibility for their healthcare. The MyTransition app combines TransitionQ, MyHealth Passport, and the MyHealth 3 sentence summary into one mobile tool.

GERAS Fit Frailty App Read about the GERAS Fit Fraility App

Researchers at McMaster University created the GERAS Fit-Frailty app, a user-friendly tool for assessing frailty. It can be completed by older adults or their caregivers and can be used as a frailty screening tool by healthcare professionals in a clinical environment. The application aims to improve the detection and management of frailty in routine clinical practice, as studies have shown that frailty can be treated successfully – especially with early intervention.

MyCBDR App Read about the MyCBDR App

MyCBDR is a mobile hemophilia tracker that circumvents the need to manually log bleeds and treatments on paper. The app links with the Canadian Bleeding Disorder Registry at your treatment center, allowing users to easily transmit bleed and treatment logs to their care team. This provides a platform where physicians can easily and securely access an accurate record of the patient’s information and better personalize their care plan.

Important Information About Apps

App development and publication is a process that requires input from multiple campus stakeholders. The McMaster app store (Apple and Google Play) accounts are owned and administered by MILO. MILO will also review any contracts, agreements, or arrangements between researchers and app developers to ensure that researchers’ intellectual property rights are protected – in particular, researchers should retain ownership of the code in the app.

Application Publication Requirements

  1. Researcher contacts and meets with MILO with details about the application, its use, and copyright.
  2. Researcher completes IP Copyright Disclosure Form, MILO App Information Form, and provides any additional information needed.
  3. The application undergoes a privacy review with the Privacy Office (University Secretariat):
  4. Application terms of use document drafted by MILO and reviewed by Office of Legal Services
  5.  The application is referred to UTS for security testing. Please contact the Information Security team for additional information about security testing requirements.
  6. MILO onboards the application onto the McMaster platform – granting developer permissions and signing assets.
  7. Researchers are to administer version uploads as needed to ensure security is maintained. Please see McMaster Research Data Management Services for guidance on secure storage of data collected by app.
  8. Researchers are to disclose any platform requirements (testing, privacy disclosures, etc.) to MILO for upload to platform.
  9. The application is then published to the McMaster Application Store where it is made available to the public.
  10. Researchers are to release relevant updates to conform with OS requirements and platform updates.

Form Requirements

The app publication process involves several stages of documentation. All apps require the MILO Mobile Application Information Request. Like all innovations, apps also require the completion of a Copyright Disclosure form, and may also require a completed Software disclosure form. Please contact MILO for assistance or with any questions (

Information Box Group