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Therapeutics & Diagnostics 18-036

MyTransition App

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The transition from the childhood health care system can be daunting for pediatric patients. Taking on more responsibility for accurately communicating with physicians and keeping track of medical records can be very challenging for adolescents if they don’t have the necessary tools to do so. The MyTransition mobile app aims to aid children aged 12-18 slowly take increasing responsibility for their healthcare. The MyTransition app combines TransitionQ, MyHealth Passport and the MyHealth 3 sentence summary into one mobile tool.

TransitionQ is a clinically relevant scale designed to gauge a child’s readiness to transition into adult care. It utilizes electronic data collection to keep real time records of a pattern of responses to 14 key questions. This provides a platform where healthcare providers can continually address areas that need improvement to ease the transition into the adult system.

MyHealth Passport is a mobile customized card that provides a summary of all the patient’s medical information. It allows for easier communication when visiting a new doctor or being in the emergency room.

MyHealth 3 sentence summary is a practical model developed by SickKids to help children structure their medical background into a 3- sentence summary they can use to explain their situation accurately to a physician if they are alone. This tool helps children learn to effectively communicate key information.


Taj Sarin
Business Development Officer

Screen captures of the application running on iPhone.
Sample screen captures of how the application runs on iPhone. Note the ease of transition between the 3 tools with the bottom task bar.


  • Combines 3 web apps into one convenient mobile tool
  • Provides a platform to make the transition from the pediatric to adult healthcare system easier
  • Gauges readiness to transition systems to avoid premature changes
  • Creates a convenient summary of medical records that is always with the patient
  • Teaches children to communicate more effectively with healthcare provider


  • Pediatric care facilities
  • Research
  • Observational studies



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