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Fundamentals of IP at McMaster

About this Online Course

Make an impact through your Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property (IP) and Commercialization are both central to McMaster’s mission & vision for “Impact, Ambition and Transformation through Excellence, Inclusion and Community: Advancing Human and Societal Health and Well-being.”

Fundamental knowledge of both IP and commercialization will enhance the impact and value of your ideas and innovations. With this knowledge, researchers, students, faculty, and staff from the McMaster community already contribute to a brighter world, tackling problems and addressing societal needs through both creativity and innovation.

Time to complete: 3-4 hours
Certificate upon completion
Recommended for all students, researchers, and faculty.


Topic 1 | Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP)

Introduces fundamental concepts of IP, different types of IP, and how to protect them. You will understand the importance of IP to research and business, and know how you can become an owner of IP (and how you probably already are!)

Topic 2 | IP Strategy

Introduces the basics of commercialization and IP strategy. You will understand the benefit and impact of commercialization and identify important considerations when creating an effective IP strategy.

Topic 3 | Practical Guides

Additional resources are offered to help you better understand the process of commercializing at McMaster, working with MILO, and seeking IP protection.

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Engaged and Self-Paced learning.

Topics are broken down and presented in short, easy-to-understand lessons. For each concept, you will learn the basics, why it is important, and understand practical ways to apply this knowledge within commercialization.

Multimedia approach to learning.

Concepts are presented and delivered through a multimedia approach, including images, videos, interactive exercises, infographics, and more. Each lesson is laid out to be easy to navigate and ensure that core concepts are reinforced.

Test your knowledge with feedback.

Test your knowledge with exercises embedded within the lessons, as well as quizzes at the end of each module. Activities and case studies provide opportunities to apply what you have learned.

Practical guides and resources.

Resources and guides are provided which address specific questions and general topics. This ensures that you will be well equipped to further explore intellectual property and commercialization.

Having some basic knowledge of how IP works, how to protect intellectual property, the patenting process, the process of disclosing ideas to the university—That’s the first step in the journey that is going to take you towards commercialization.

So having the basic vocabulary of IP and knowledge, it’s essential for you to start the journey. The journey is going to be long. It will be challenging, it will be exciting, you will be invested in it. But it’s always important to be sure that you start with a solid set of initial steps and having this basic knowledge is critical.

Dr. Carlos Filipe, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Co-Founder of FendX


By completing this course, you will receive a certificate of completion that can be added to your CV.


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How to register for “Fundamentals of IP at McMaster”

Note: This course is only available to people with an active MacID and access to both Mosaic and Avenue to Learn.

To register for this course, complete the following steps (see slides below for step-by-step images):

  1. Login onto Mosaic.
  2. Navigate to Regulatory Training (select the “Regulatory Training” tile).
  3. Click “Search by Course Name.”
  4. Enter “Fundamentals of IP” and hit search.
  5. Once you have found the course (the course number should be “MILOIP”) click View Available Sessions.
  6. Under the “Course Session Details” and click on the available session number.
  7. On the next page, ensure that “If this session is full, place me on the waiting list.” is selected, and select continue.
  8. On the next page, select “Submit” to enrol.
  9. The course will be made available within 24 hours on Avenue2Learn. Instructions for how to participate in the course are found in the Avenue Course.