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Intellectual Property Education

Learn the basics of intellectual property

MILO offers many resources for researchers, faculty, and students who want to learn the basics of intellectual property (IP).

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Fundamentals of IP at McMaster - Online Course More info and register for our IP education course

Take our online course for free! Learn the basics of intellectual property and commercialization at McMaster.

Intellectual Property Guides Review our IP guides

Practical guides and answers to commonly asked questions, with no registration required.

Why is understanding intellectual property important?

Intellectual Property and Commercialization are both central to McMaster’s Mission & Vision for “Impact, Ambition and Transformation through Excellence, Inclusion and Community: Advancing Human and Societal Health and Well-being.”

Fundamental knowledge of both IP and commercialization will enhance the impact and transformational value of your ideas and innovations. With this knowledge, researchers, students, faculty, and other members of the McMaster community already contribute to a brighter world, tackling problems and addressing societal needs through both creativity and innovation.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. In the video below, McMaster researchers and entrepreneurs discuss why they think that knowledge of IP is important:

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Updated October 2023