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Panelists and Moderators

There are three panels, each with a moderator and panelists from both the Faculty of Humanities and the community. The luncheon keynote speaker is Dr. Ted Hewitt, Executive Vice-President of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, whose biography can be found here




Researchers from the Faculty of Humanities and some of their partners from business and the public sector will discuss their reciprocal relationships and how they connected for the (co-) creation and use of research knowledge.
Terry Flynn's research interests focus on the communicative behaviour of organizations as they build reputation and manage crises. An active public relations consultant for 20 years, prior to obtaining his PhD, Terry has recently been the principle investigator on two external grants (Niagara Health System and the Communications + Public Relations Foundation). Terry Flynn

Terry Flynn

John ConnollyModerator: John Connolly was appointed in 2008 as Professor and Chair of the Department and Director of the new Cognitive Science of Language program. His research includes applications to brain injury with reference to issues of consciousness related to, for example, the vegetative state, the locked-in syndrome, and coma. Brady Wood is Chief Communications Officer at Niagara Health System. A member of the organization's Executive Team, Brady is the head for both the Communications and Patient Relations teams. Previously, Brady was Director of Strategy and Public Relations at St. Joseph's Health System, and was also an administrator of the St. Joseph’s Health System International Outreach Program, regularly traveling to Haiti and Uganda on health professional education missions.Brady has also been a member of teams examining and aiding challenged hospitals across Ontario for consecutive Ministers of Health.
Brady Wood
Brady Wood
One Drop 2
Catherine Graham’s research centres on the role of activist theatre in increasing participation in public life.  She has recently participated in international collaborations with the Théâtre Parminou, the Théâtre du Campus and the Théâtre du Public that toured Belgium and Québec.  She has consulted widely on building artistic capacity in activist performance, including for the Théâtre Action Movement in Belgium and the ONE DROP Foundation’s international development projects. Catherine Graham
Catherine Graham

 One Drop Maureen Martineau is the former Co-Artistic Director of the Théâtre Parminou, where she participated in the creation of over 150 professional performances.  Since 2006 she has worked with the  ONE DROP Foundation as an Artistic Advisor on international development projects, collaborating on the realization of 10 creation workshops and public performances on the theme of water in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and, most recently, India.  Her first mystery novel, Le Jeu de l'Ogre was published by Les Éditions de la Courte Echelle in 2012 and her second novel, L'Enfant Promis, will appear in the fall of 2013.  Maureen Martineau
Maureen Martineau
ERI Known for his innovative blend of performance, teaching and research, Michael Schutz is founding director of the MAPLE Lab (researching Music, Perception, Acoustics and LEarning) Additionally, he serves as Chair of the PAS (Percussive Arts Society) Music Technology Committee, and maintains an active career as a freelance percussionist. Mike Schutz

Mike Schutz
Nokia Digital Music lab Matthew Woolhouse currently teaches courses in harmony, theory and analysis. His research explores the cognitive processes underpinning the historical development of Western music, musical grammar and metre, music downloading, and the prosocial effects of dance. His work is published in a number of leading music journals, including Music Theory Spectrum, Empirical Musicology Review, Journal of New Music Research, and Musicae Scientiae. Matthew Woolhouse
Matthew Woolhouse
Mike Bebel joined Nokia in 2010 to drive new strategies and product direction in the company’s music and entertainment services. He has
a long history in the music industry and vast experience in a host of different areas, including building new business models, developing and rolling out music services, and optimizing service provision. Mike has held various positions in the music industry, including serving as president and CEO of Napster; president and CEO of peer-to-peer music network Mashboxx; and CEO of Pressplay, a joint venture between Universal and Sony Music that launched the initial online subscription model for music.
 Mike Bebel

Mike Bebel

PANEL 2: Research Connections II

Scholarship in the Public Interest; a continuation of Panel 1, with emphasis placed on more traditional examples of knowledge mobilization.
Elzbieta Grodek is an Assistant Professor in the Department of French. Her teaching and research interests are in twentieth- and twenty-first century French novels and narrative texts. She investigates interactions between literature, visual art and music, as well as the status of reference to aesthetic objects in literature. She also has a diploma in teaching French as a Foreign Language obtained at the Université de Bordeaux and pursues interests in methodologies of teaching French, active pedagogies and history and philosophy of education. Elzbieta Grodek
Elzbieta Grodek
Daniel ColemanModerator: Daniel Coleman teaches and carries out research in Canadian Literature, the literary and cultural production of categories of privilege such as whiteness, masculinity, and Britishness, the literatures of immigration and diaspora, and the spiritual and cultural politics of reading.
Christine Rees is the French as a Second Language Consultant at the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board. She has been a French language teacher for 28 years, in her current role Christine works with schools and teachers in the area of curriculum and assessment. She is also French as a Second Language Additional Qualification course instructor and she is involved in resource development. Christine very much enjoys working with teachers and students to enhance language teaching and learning. HWDSB
Faiza Hirji specializes in research exploring media representations of race, religion, ethnicity and gender, media and identity formation, and uses of media in diaspora. Her book, Dreaming in Canadian, published in 2010 by UBC Press, discusses themes of nationalism and religion in Bollywood cinema, and their effect on young Canadians of South Asian origin. Faiza also volunteers within the Ismaili Muslim community and is currently a member of the Aga Khan Council for Canada. Faiza Hirji

Faiza Hirji

Danielle Wong is an English and Cultural Studies Ph.D. student at McMaster, and has an academic and professional background in journalism. Her research interests include Asian North American identities, productions and performances in social media. Wong will be presenting her research on the “Linsanity” (Jeremy Lin) sports phenomenon and Austin Clarke’s The Meeting Point at conferences this spring and summer.

Danielle Wong
Danielle Wong
Little History of Canada
H.V. (Viv) Nelles is the L.R. Wilson Professor of Canadian History at McMaster University and the author or co-author of 10 academic monographs as well as a general history aimed at a broad audience, A Little History of Canada (Oxford University Press). Viv Nelles
Viv Nelles
books Jennie Rubio is the trade editor at Oxford University Press Canada and manages that publisher’s programme of presenting specialized knowledge in book form to a wider public. OUP Canada is the publisher of A Little History of Canada.

Panel 3: Connecting with Communities 

will explore the partnerships forged with a variety of community partners.

Amber Dean's research & teaching interests are interdisciplinary and traverse the fields of contemporary feminist theory; Canadian cultural studies; trauma and memory studies; visual cultures of violence, suffering and poverty; gender and sexuality studies; urban studies (particularly related to gentrification); and critical race and Indigenous studies. Amber has a long history of community activism and organizing in feminist, anti-rape, queer, and prison abolitionist movements and organizations. She is currently a board member with Big Susie's sex worker advocacy organization, an organization of and for sex workers in Hamilton. 
Amber Dean Amber Dean
Fiona McNeillModerator: Fiona McNeill began her term as McMaster's Associate Vice-President (Research) in 2009. Her role is to support and advance the University’s strategic directions to foster, shape, articulate and advocate the University’s research endeavors and aspirations. She is responsible for the management of the University’s research operations including, among other responsibilities: Tri-Council relations; research ethics policies; reviews of research centres and institutes; nominations for prizes and awards; and to support the Vice-President (Research and International Affairs) in encouraging knowledge transfer activities and overseeing the management of intellectual property issues
Cole Gately is the Education Coordinator of Core Collaborative Learning, a community - based education project led by Good Shepherd Non-Profit Homes, Inc. designed to provide free education opportunities for frontline workers serving Hamilton’s homeless  population. Prior to this he worked for 12 years as Street Outreach Coordinator for the Mental Health and Street Outreach Service at Public Health Services and Housing Help Centre in Hamilton. He  graduated in 1993 with a B.A. in Art History from McMaster and with an M.A. in 2010 in Adult Education and Community Development from OISE. For more than 20 years, Cole has also been a dedicated community activist involved in a wide range of social movements, including anti-poverty, anti-racist, feminist, trans*, queer, and sex worker rights struggles. Cole Gately
Cole Gately
Nancy Doubleday holds the Hope Chair in Peace and Health at McMaster University. As well as having expertise in ecological sciences, Nancy holds an LLB from Osgoode Hall, was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1982, and is a member of the Law Society of Canada. In her career as a lawyer she has contributed to development of international and domestic law embracing human rights, health and the environment. She works at the interface of human rights and social justice, resilience and health to develop new syntheses and strategies for realizing peace and health, good governance and knowledge integration. Nancy Doubleday
Nancy Doubleday
Michael Egan is associate professor of history where his teaching and research interests rest at the intersections of the histories of science, technology, environment, and the future. He is the 2012 recipient of the Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award, with which he developed a multi-faceted project on the bicycle in society.
Michael Egan
Michael Egan
Cafe Domestique
After an extensive and diverse career in the bicycle industry, Krys Hines opened Café Domestique, a cycling-themed café, in Dundas in 2010. Over the past three years, Domestique has become a local hub for the city's cycling community.
  Krys Hines
Krys Hines
Six Nations Map
Rick Monture is a member of the Mohawk nation, Turtle clan, from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. He is cross-appointed in the Department of English and Cultural Studies and Indigenous Studies. Rick's areas of academic interest include Haudenosaunee history, First Nation, Métis and Inuit literatures, popular culture, and the epistemology of Indigenous language and culture. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Chiefswood National Historic Site at Six Nations, and is a Board member with the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office. He is also a member of the Steering Committee and an Associate Professor with the Indigenous Knowledge Centre located at Six Nations. Rick Monture
Rick Monture
Rick Hill is coordinator of Deyohahá:ge: Indigenous Knowledge Centre at Six Nations Polytechnic, Ohsweken, Six Nations of the Grand River. He was a lecturer in Indigenous Studies at McMaster University and the State University of New York at Buffalo, and former Assistant Director for Public Programs at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C. As an accomplished artist, researcher, and writer Mr. Hill has become an essential resource for numerous organizations involved in programming activities for the bicentenary of the War of 1812, including HDTV, PBS, Parks Canada, and the History Channel. He currently serves as chairperson of the Six Nations Legacy Consortium. In that role he has conducted background research, developed curriculum enhancement materials, and designed training strategies and facilitated workshops for teachers about Haudenosaunee experiences in the War of 1812. He is also guest curator of the commemorative exhibition, Haudenosaunee and the War of 1812, on display at the Woodland Cultural Centre Museum in Brantford, Ontario. Rick Hill
Rick Hill