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University Research Council Membership


Robert Baker, Chair, Vice-President, Research                                      

Karen Mossman, Associate Vice-President, Research 

Peter Mascher, Vice-Provost, International Affairs

Doug Welch, Vice-Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies 

Nick Markettos (serving as Interim MIP President/CEO, Jan 1/18 – June 30/18), Assistant Vice-President, Research Partnerships 

Khaled Hassanein, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies and Research), DeGroote School of Business 

Jonathan Bramson, Associate Dean, Research, Faculty of Health Sciences 

John Preston, Associate Dean (Research and External Relations), Faculty of Engineering

Pamela Swett (on research leave from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018), Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Humanities 

Sean Corner, Acting Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018), Faculty of Humanities 

Gianni Parise, Associate Dean, Research and External Relations, Faculty of Science 

James Gillett, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies and Research), Faculty of Social Sciences  

Vivian Lewis, University Librarian                                                                                                        


Additional Participants providing support and input

Nick Markettos, Interim President and CEO, McMaster Innovation Park

Kathy Charters, Assistant Vice-President, Research Administration 

Gay Yuyitung, Executive Director, McMaster Industry Liaison Office

Tracy Arabski, Director, Health Research Services

Ranil Sonnadara, Executive Director, Research and High Performance Computing, Special Advisor to the VP Research

Lori Dillon, Research Communications Manager, Office of Vice-President, Research

Danelle D’Alvise, Manager, Prizes and Awards, Office of Vice-President, Research