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Catherine Kallin

Catherine Kallin

Canada Research Chair in Quantum Materials Theory

Tier 1: 2003-10-01, Renewed: 2010-10-01


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Research involves

Theoretical study of quantum materials, including unconventional superconductors and novel magnetic materials.

Research relevance

The research will lead to our understanding novel states of matter that may change the way we live-through new technological applications such as quantum computers-and the way we think. 

Taking a Quantum Leap in New Materials

Physicist Catherine Kallin studies condensed matter physics and quantum materials, including unconventional superconductors and novel magnetic materials. These materials of the 21st century hold a fascination for scientists because they exhibit different properties and behaviours (for example, electrons that "break up" into fractionally charged objects or exhibit separate motion of spin and charge) of conventional metals, semiconductors, magnets, and superconductors.

As the Canada Research Chair in Quantum Materials Theory, Dr. Kallin is contributing to our knowledge of new phenomena in quantum materials. Her work is directed towards the development of new devices, including applications for quantum computers, magnetic resonance imaging, and satellite communication. She believes that investigating new states of matter through studying quantum materials will change our thinking about fundamental problems such as the nature of matter, yielding new ideas about elementary particle physics and-through them-about the early universe. 

Electronic properties of novel materials are a priority area in materials research at McMaster University. Dr. Kallin works with fellow researchers there as well as with other scientists by way of her involvement with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Program in Quantum Materials and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.