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Rick Hackett

Rick Hackett

Canada Research Chair in Organizational Behaviour and Human Performance

Tier 1: 2003-10-01, Renewed: 2010-10-01, Renewed: 2017-10-01


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Research involves

Studying the intersection of leadership, work attitudes, and performance, particularly in the contextual performance of nurses. 

Research relevance

The research will contribute to the design of more effective leadership development programs in the health-care sector, particularly in the nursing profession.

Nursing Beyond the Call

What makes some nurses willing to go that extra mile in their work? If we can learn more about leader-follower relations in the nursing profession it will help us design more effective leadership development programs, which will in turn increase efficiencies and cost savings and ultimately improve patient care.

As the Canada Research Chair in Organizational Behaviour and Human Performance, Rick Hackett is making innovative contributions to the field of leadership generally and to leadership in nursing specifically. He is examining the intersection of leadership, work attitudes and employee performance, in the little-studied area of contextual work performance, that is on-the-job behaviour that goes beyond the call. His work represents the first research into the reciprocal behaviour exchanges that go on between supervisors and nursing practitioners that yield extraordinary performance.

Hackett is undertaking a literature review and carrying out longitudinal research to learn more about leader-follower relations, including how leadership affects mental health, attitudes, and performance. He is also working on a book for nursing professionals interested in leadership positions and how to build relationships with direct reports. In addition, he hopes to establish a pioneering centre for leadership research and development in the health-care sector to disseminate research, sponsor publications and seminars, and provide leadership development workshops.

The Canada Research Chair builds on Hackett's involvement with the Quality of Nursing Work Life Research Unit in health sciences and the graduate Health Services Management Program in the business school at McMaster University. His research there includes the study of absenteeism, job satisfaction (especially among nurses), leadership, and organizational commitment.