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Research Centres

AUTO21 Automobile of the 21st Century

(519) 253-3000, ext. 4130

Canadian Centre For Electron Microscopy

CanChild Centre For Childhood Disability Research

Centre for Advanced Advanced Research in Experimental and Applied Linguistics (ARiEAL)

Centre for Advanced Polymer Processing & Design

Centre for Automotive Materials and Corrosion

CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research

(905) 525-9140 ext. 27850

Centre for Effective Design of Structures

  • Centre for Effective Design of Structures

Centre for Emerging Device Technologies

Centre for Evaluation of Medicines

Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis

Centre for Mechatronics and Hybrid Technologies

  • Centre for Mechatronics and Hybrid Technologies

Centre for Microbial Chemical Biology (CMCB)

Centre for Minimal Access Surgery (CMAS)

Centre for Sustainable Archaeology

Centre for the Effective Design of Structures

CPA/DeGroote Centre for the Promotion of Accounting Education and Research

Gilbrea Centre For Studies In Aging

Geomatics for Informed Decisions (GEOID)

1 418-656-7758

McMaster Advanced Control Consortium

  • McMaster Advanced Control Consortium

McMaster Centre For Climate Change

McMaster Centre for Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Research

McMaster Centre for Scholarship in the Public Interest

McMaster Centre for Software Certification (McSCert)

McMaster eBusiness Research Centre (MeRC)

McMaster Health Forum

  • McMaster Health Forum

McMaster Immunology Research Centre

McMaster Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE)

  • PACE

Medical Imagining Informatics Research Centre at McMaster (MIIRC@M)

Michael G. DeGroote National Pain Centre

Advanced Foods and Materials Network

(519) 822-6253

Canadian Stroke Network

613-562-5800 x 8593

Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada


Research Data Centre

  • Research Data Centre

Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network—CLLRNet

Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship

Statistics Canada Research Data Centre