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McMaster Institute for Applied Radiation Sciences (McIARS)




The McMaster Institute of Applied Radiation Sciences (McIARS) exists to promote interdisciplinary research. In particular, to promote research in radiation science and engineering applied to biology, medicine and industry. McIARS aims to be a meeting point of industry, government and academia centred at a research intensive university.

The desired effect of McIARS is to facilitate the process of enquiry and discovery by lowering the barriers between disciplines, between institutions, between sectors and by reaching across national boundaries.

McIARS hosts an unusual concentration of facilities for research, development and application in radiation sciences and low energy nuclear science and engineering. However, even more important than these facilities are the faculty, staff and students. Given that we are university based, our students are particularly important. Some gain their first taste of research, others mature as individual researchers with a collaborative mindset. Others will meet their employer through McIARS and any introduction is, of course, a two way process.

So, McIARS fosters research in an educational environment. We aim to promote the growth of our network of links and collaborations. If you are seeking information, answers to research questions or perhaps trying to identify even the right question to ask, we might be able to assist you.