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To create an enduring network of allergy and immune disease experts whose discovery and development efforts contribute to reductions in the impact of allergic and related immune diseases nationally and globally.

To catalyze and support discovery, development, networking, capacity building, commercialization and knowledge translation that contribute to reducing the morbidity, mortality and socio-economic burden of allergic and related immune diseases.

AllerGen's innovative and inter-disciplinary research program will involve research partners in academic, public and private sectors, representing expertise in medicine, genetics, molecular biology (genomics and proteomics); environmental, occupational and population health; epidemiology; health economics, and health policy; ethics, psychology, sociology, and medical geography and anthropology, aimed at understanding both the physiological and psychosocial aspects of allergic and related immune diseases.

Given the emerging health crisis in allergy in Canada and globally, AllerGen's goals are:

  1. To catalyze and support innovative research that contributes to the discovery of the causes of, and ways to prevent, control or eliminate allergic and related immune diseases.
  2. To create new opportunities for the training of highly qualified personnel in allergy research, patient care, innovation and the health system, and advance professional lay knowledge about allergic and related immune diseases.
  3. To catalyze and facilitate the development of new research platforms, tools, processes, products and services arising from discoveries, and promote their commercialization, their use and their influence on public policy.
  4. To develop and maintain networking and partnership arrangements that enable knowledge and technology exchange and exploitation (KTEE) and reposition Canada at the forefront of innovation.
  5. To provide responsible, cost effective and accountable management, administration and support to all aspects of AllerGen's activities.