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Wolf Prize

Since 1978, five or six prizes have been awarded annually in the Sciences. Prize fields comprise: AGRICULTURE, CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS, MEDICINE and PHYSICS. In the Arts, the prize rotates annually among ARCHITECTURE, MUSIC, PAINTING and SCULPTURE. The prize in each field consists of a certificate and a monetary award of $100,000 USD. In the event of two or three recipients sharing the prize, the honorarium is divided equally. In accordance with the Wolf Prize principle of rotation in Sciences, the Prize in Physics will not be awarded in 2019, A candidate can be nominated for only one of the following four fields: Agriculture - Chemistry - Mathematics – Medicine. In accordance with the Wolf Prize principle of rotation in the Arts, the 2019 Prize will be awarded in the field of Architecture

Nomination Details 


Who is eligible to nominate? 

McMaster's President, recognized scientific institutes, President of a national academy, Deans of faculties, Head of scientific organization of scientists, Head of an art museum, head of an Architecture school or organization, head of an Art Academy, Head of tops Conservatories of Music, Wolf Prize Laureate,  Nobel Prize Laureate.

Deadline for nominations is September 17, 2018.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Danelle D'Alvise, Prizes & Awards Manager (, x27419) in the Office of the Vice-President, Research by August 15th if you are considering applying or nominating a McMaster colleague for this award.