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Royal Society of Canada - Fellowship

Election to Fellowship in the RSC, Canada’s national academy, is the highest honour that can be attained by Canadian scholars, researchers, and artists. Fellows are peer-elected as the best in their field, and thus represent the pinnacle of Canadian intellectual leadership. Their exceptional intellectual achievements are evidenced by a body of publications, intellectual endeavours, or creative activities exhibiting original contributions in the arts, humanities, or sciences, as well as activities in public life.

Nomination Details

Nominees must fit the above description and, at the time of their election, be Canadian citizens or have had Canadian permanent resident status for at least three years.

The Nomination Guide is not available until September 1, 2017. Information below comes from the 2017 competition. 

Nominations for Fellowship must be made by either:

  • A Fellow of the RSC, accompanied by two letters of co-nomination, one being from another Fellow of the RSC (this is the preferred nomination method); or
  • The President of the university, accompanied by two letters of co-nomination, neither of which need be from a Fellow of the RSC.

Nomination Process

A complete nomination package consists of:

1. An introductory letter from the Primary Nominator (one page; not an appraisal)
2. Two letters of co-nomination (one page each; not appraisals)
3. A 70-word citation written for non-specialists
4. A 1000-word detailed appraisal of achievements
5. A list of 15 key scholarly/artistic contributions of the nominee, including links to the works, where possible (max. one page)
6. The nominee’s CV (max. 50 pages)
7. Referee assessments with a 250-word biography of each referee respectively appended (max. three pages each, including the biography)

  • Arts and humanities (Academy I) nominations require two referees
  • Social science (Academy II) nominations require three referees
  • Science and engineering nominations (Academy III) require five referees: two from within Canada and three from outside Canada




Interested parties are encouraged to consult with Danelle D'Alvise, Prizes & Awards Manager, regarding this award and the nomination process.

Phone: 905.525.9140 x27419