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Gruber Prize

The Gruber International Prize Program honours individuals in the fields of cosmology, genetics, and neuroscience whose groundbreaking work provides new models that inspire and enable fundamental shifts in knowledge and culture. Each prize carries a gold medal and unrestricted cash prize of $500,000. Awards are presented without respect to gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, or religious creed. Nominations are invited annually from individuals, organizations, and institutions active in or having an appreciation for contemporary research and study in the applicable field.

The Prizes


Neuroscience Prize honors scientists for major discoveries that have advanced the understanding of the nervous system. The Prize, established in 2004, is an unrestricted cash award of $500,000, a gold medal inscribed with the recipient's name, and a citation describing the achievement for which the recipient is being honored. It is awarded each year to a person or persons chosen by a distinguished advisory board of neuroscience experts from nominations that are received from around the world.

Cosmology Prize honors a leading cosmologist, astronomer, astrophysicist or scientific philosopher for theoretical, analytical, conceptual or observational discoveries leading to fundamental advances in our understanding of the universe. Since 2001, the Cosmology Prize has been cosponsored by the International Astronomical Union. The Cosmology Prize acknowledges and encourages further exploration in a field that shapes the way we perceive and comprehend our universe. In doing so, The Gruber Foundation seeks to extend the pioneering legacy of, among others, Plato and Aristotle; Ptolemy and Copernicus; Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo; Newton and Halley; Einstein and Hubble. The gold medal and unrestricted $500,000 cash prize are presented annually.

Genetics Prize is presented to a leading scientist, or up to three, in recognition of groundbreaking contributions to any realm of genetics research. The Gruber Foundation established and awarded its first Genetics Prize in 2001. This year of monumental accomplishment in genetics research, with the successful sequencing of the human genome, was a particularly auspicious time to launch the world's first major international prize devoted specifically to achievements in the realm of genetics research. Created 135 years after Gregor Mendel discovered laws of heredity that implied the existence of genetic factors, the Genetics Prize is awarded under the guidance of an international advisory board of distinguished genetics scientists. Beginning in 2001, the Prize – a gold medal and unrestricted $500,000 cash award – has been awarded for fundamental insights in the field of genetics. These may include original discoveries in genetic function, regulation, transmission, and variation, as well as in genomic organization.


Final nomination packages are to be submitted via email.


The final submission deadline is December 15, 2017



Interested parties are encouraged to consult with Danelle D'Alvise, Prizes & Awards Manager, regarding this award and the nomination process.

Phone: 905.525.9140 x27419