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Showcasing innovation

Thinking about submitting an entry to the Innovation Showcase 2016 Poster Competition? Take a look at the winning abstracts from the last Poster Competition, get inspired, and submit your own before November 2 for a chance to win $1000.

The last Innovation Showcase Opening Doors for Innovation (2014) featured three categories for its Poster Competition: Commercialization Potential/Research Breakthrough; Commercialization Ready; and Social Impact. 

Below you'll find the 2014 winning abstracts in each category, as well as a list of all the posters submitted to the competition that year. 

If you have an innovative idea you want to share --and showcase -- check out the Poster Competition Entry Form 2016 page for more information about the categories, guidelines and logistics, and get your submission in by November 2! 

All of the posters will be displayed during McMaster Innovation Showcase 2016 Wednesday November 10 at the McMaster Innovation Park. 

2014 Winner of Commercialization potential/ Research  Breakthrough: Andrew King

Andrew King

Dept: Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Poster Title and Description:  Aspergillomarasmine A, a Natural Product from Fungi, is a Potent Inhibitor of the VIM and NDM Metallo-ß-Lactamases Restoring Carbapenem Activity.

Bacteria have evolved elegant mechanisms of resistance to the effects of antibiotic therapy. This has driven the discovery and development of many different antibiotics but it is the beta-lactam class of antibiotics (comprised largely of penicillins, cephalosporins, and carbapenems) that accounts for nearly 60% of sales in the US. Resistant bacteria use enzymes, called beta-lactamases, to inactivate these antibiotics, rendering them useless for treatment of infection. In response, researchers have developed increasingly effective beta-lactam antibiotics. This has culminated in the carbapenems, considered an antibiotic of last resort for many multidrug resistant bacterial infections. In recent years we have seen the emergence of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), a group of infectious microorganisms that have become resistant to virtually all currently used antibiotics including precious carbapenems. These organisms have been labelled an “urgent threat” to public health by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making them one of three classes of microorganisms receiving the highest threat level recognized. Here we present a novel inhibitor, aspergillomarasmine A (AMA), which is able to effectively inhibit the function of a group of beta-lactamases that can confer resistance to carbapenems. By inhibiting this function, these CRE are no longer resistant to carbapenems and can be treated by a combination of AMA and existing carbapenem antibiotics. This co-treatment was shown to be effective in mouse models of CRE infection. We believe that AMA demonstrates the therapeutic potential to address the challenge of CRE and are currently undergoing pre-clinical studies to demonstrate safety and efficacy.

2014 Winner of Commercialization Ready: Chetan Paul SinghChetan Singh

Dept:  Xerox Centre for Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation, W Booth School of Engineering Practice,

Poster title and description: RotaNovus

RotaNovus is a engineering design company. The company was created in November 2013 through the W Booth School of Engineering Practice. Douglas and Chetan are MEEI graduate candidates from the school, while Gareth is a engineering undergraduate student at McMaster University. William-James is a Fine Arts graduate from OCAD University. The team came together to create a better option for people who need help walking and use a device called a rollator. Joovo is RotaNovus’s initial product launch. The project is targeting the issue of out of date rollator designs. The problem with current rollators is that they do not meet current demands of the target market, older adults which is ages 65+. Through observations and firsthand accounts from the user group, a variety of issues were determined and categorized. The goal of this project is the biomechanical redesign of the rollator mobility solution to meet customer needs.
Jong Jung and Conor Catomeris 
2014 Winner of Social Impact: Conor Catomeris & Jong Jung

Dept: Business (MBA)

Poster Title and Details: Music for the Senior Soul

Every Friday morning the usual hospital sounds in the halls of the Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC) are mingled with the sounds of the guitars, keyboards and voices of Improm2Crew, the Grace’s small, dynamic house band. Music seems to touch people’s souls most deeply regardless of language, cognitive or physical difficulties, age or background. ‘That little band has meant so much to John – and to me’, a woman told me after one of the sessions. Her husband had lost the ability to move most of his body and to speak, but his face always lit up when the music began. My attention was caught another day by an elderly woman sitting quietly in her wheelchair tapping her fingers and whispering all the words to a romantic ballad along with the vocalist. I spent a few moments wondering what long-ago dance or party she was remembering and couldn’t help singing along…” – Wendy Campbell, author of Creative Forces Blog, September 2011.

This sing-a-long music program at TGHC is a huge success. Since its conception in 2006, the program has gained media attention from CBC Radio to local online blogs, describing its uniqueness and effectiveness at increasing meaningful engagement among seniors. “Active music-making has been found to provide a source of enhanced social cohesion, enjoyment, personal development, and empowerment, and to contribute to recovery from depression and maintenance of personal well-being throughout these latter stages of adult life” (Creech et. al, 2013). As founders of TGHC’s music program, we propose replicating and tailoring this program for senior-residing facilities across Canada to promote social change.


Complete list of the Submissions to the 2014 Poster Competition

  • A Simple and Non-invasive Test for Colorectal Cancer Detection
    Authors: Qian Feng, Dingran Chang, Bruno Salena and Yingfu Li
  • Activation of Cell Surface GRP78 by anti-GRP78 Autoantibodies Accelerates Lesion Development by Promoting Endothelial Cell Activation 
    Authors: Elizabeth D. Crane and Richard C. Austin
  • Altruism
    Authors: Anthony Nazarov and Erica Tatham
  • Aspergillomarasmine A, a Natural Product from Fungi, is a Potent Inhibitor of the VIM and NDM Metallo-ß-Lactamases Restoring Carbapenem Activity
    Authors: A. M. King, S. A. Reid-Yu, W. Wang, D. T. King, N. C. Strynadka, T. R. Walsh, B. K. Coombes and G. D. Wright
  • Binding of anti-GRP78 autoantibodies to cell surface GRP78 promotes prostate cancer progression by activating tissue factor procoagulant activity
    Authors: Ali Al-Hashimi, Fadwa Majeed, Paul Lebeau and Richard C. Austin
  • Characterizing the effect(s) of Kaiso depletion in HER2-overexpressing breast cancer cells
    Authors: Catherine Crawford-Brown, Blessing Bassey, and Dr. Juliet Daniel
  • Chemofog – A Complex Dietary Intervention
    Authors: Kathleen Monster, Jennifer Lemon, Craig Hutton, Sue Becker, David Rollo and Douglas Boreham
  • Clinical doses of metformin and salicylate activate AMPK, inhibit liver de novo lipogenesis and improve insulin sensitivity in mice and humans
    Authors: Rebecca J. Ford, Morgan D. Fullerton, Stephen L. Pinkosky , John W. Scott, Jonathan A. Oakhill, Emily A. Day, Justin D. Crane, Regje Blummer, Katarina Marcinko, Adam Bujak, Hertzel C. Gerstein, Bruce E. Kemp and Gregory R. Steinberg
  • Close-Range Machine Vision for Strain Analysis
    Authors: Tyler Kenyon
  • CMOS Single Photon Detectors: High Speed, Ultrasensitive Imagers for Biomedical and Environmental Applications
    Authors: Darek Palubiak and M. Jamal Deen
  • Developing Interactive Dance-Technology for People with Parkinson’s
    Authors: Stephanie Williams, Shuying Zheng, Ashley Genera, and Matthew Woolhouse
  • Development of a micro-flow cytometer towards in-line monitoring of bacteria in drinking water
    Authors: Tianyi Guo, Changqing Xu, Qiyin Fang, P. Ravi Selvaganapathy and M. Jamal Deen
  • Fix it! User Input Oriented Maintenance Infrastructure
    Authors: Hyonwoo Kee, Duncan Robertson, Wendy Wang, and Emikele Oseni-Elamah
  • Green-Red Cup
    Authors: Erik Jurriaans, Amanda Watkins, Basmah Ahmed, Cristian Ivascu and Marijke Jurriaans
  • Hip and Knee Muscle Power Measuring Device
    Author: Ruwani Mahathantila
  • Home Harvest
    Authors: Majed Aldosari and Eric Jones

  • IDyLL: Indoor Localization using Inertial and Light Sensors on Smartphones
    Authors: Qiang Xu, Rong Zheng, Eric Edwards and Steve Hranilovic

  • Impact of Mobile Technology in Chronic Disease Self-management
    Authors: Reza Aria and Norm Archer

  • Improving statin drug class through combination with natural compounds to prevent diabetic side effects
    Authors: Brandyn D. Henriksbo, Trevor C. Lau, Joseph F. Cavallari, Emmanuel Denou, Wendy Chi, James S. Lally, Justin D. Crane, Brittany M. Duggan, Kevin P. Foley, Morgan D. Fullerton, Mark A. Tarnopolsky, Gregory R. Steinberg and Jonathan D. Schertzer

  • Intestinal-specific Kaiso overexpression enhances intestinal inflammation and tumour development
    Authors: Roopali Chaudhary*, Christina Pierre*, Meaghan Mavor, Daria Wojtal and Juliet M. Daniel

  • “Journey Mapping” Model for the Design of Autonomous Vehicles for the Reduction of Road Accidents
    Authors: M.A.Sc. Student: Kavya Prabha Divakarla, Co-Supervisors: Ali Emadi and Saiedeh N. Razavi

  • Language Learning Same as Sequence Learning?
    Authors: Mathangi Selvamena and Elisabet Service

  • PAI-039 facilitates wound closure and macrophage infiltration in diabetic cutaneous wound healing
    Authors: I.A. Rebalka, D.M. D’souza, S.K. Coleman, M.J. Raleigh, A.N. Rebalka, J.D. Schertzer and T.J. Hawke

  • Passive Thermomagnetic Cooling System for Server Computers (NanoSpin)
    Authors: Suvojit Ghosh, Souvik Pal and Ishwar K Puri

  • Pizza Oven Waste Energy Recovery (POWER) System
    Authors: Jeffrey Girard, J.S Cotton, H Sadek, Rafat Hirmiz and Yakoob Hana

  • Rapid On-site Detection and Monitoring of Heavy Metal Toxins
    Authors: Sepehr Manochehry and Dingran Chang

  • Rescuing Diabetic Myopathy through Myostatin Inhibition?
    Authors: S.K. Coleman, D.M. D’souza, I.A. Rebalka, N. Deodhare and T.J. Hawke

  • RotaNovus
    Authors: Chetan Paul Singh, Douglas Pearson, Gareth Chan, William-James Green

  • Safer and better: a new generation of antipsychotic medication for mental illnesses
    Authors: Jayant Bhandari, Ritesh Daya, Todd R. Hoare, Rodney Johnson and Ram K. Mishra

  • SP-Nanobiotech Inc. -- In development of a self-assembling smart drug delivery platform
    Author: Froese A.

  • Staying ‘On Beat’ With High-Intensity Interval Training: The Impact of Music on Exercise Performance and Social Cognitions.
    Authors: Stork MJ, Kwan MY, Gibala MJ, and Martin Ginis KA.

  • Loss of Skeletal Muscle AMPK Blocks Autophagy and Promotes Fasting-Induced Hypoglycemia and Aging-Associated Myopathy
    Authors: Adam L. Bujak, Justin D. Crane, Rebecca J. Ford, Sally J. Kang, James S. Lally, Bruce E. Kemp, Thomas J. Hawke, Jonathan D. Schertzer and Gregory R. Steinberg.

  • Making Chemotherapy Comfortable
    Authors: Erin L. Westman, Chris Sarro and Gerry D. Wright

  • Microfluidic Device for Microinjection of Caenorhabditis Elegans
    Authors: Reza Ghaemi, Justin Tong, P. Ravi Selvaganapathy and Bhagwati P Gupta.

  • Modeling the human bone marrow HSC niche in vivo
    Authors: Borhane Guezguez, Clinton J.V Campbell, Allison L. Boyd, Francis Karanu, Fanny L. Casado, Christine Di Cresce, Tony J. Collins, Zoya Shapovalova, Anargyros Xenocostas, and Mickie Bhatia

  • Music for the Senior Soul
    Authors: Conor Catomeris and Jong Jung

  • Natural Compound (Curcumin) Formulations for the Treatment Of Neurodegenerative Disorders
    Authors: Katare YK, Hossain FT, Sookram CS, Daya RP and Mishra RK

  • Novel targets for the management of cancer-induced bone pain
    Authors: Fazzari, J., Lin, H., Ungard, R., Seidlitz E. and Singh, G.

  • Stereological confirmation of neuroprotection by valproic acid in a model of Parkinson’s disease
    Authors: Carriere, Candace, Kang, Na Hyea, and Niles, Lennard

  • Tackling Senior Isolation through Art
    Authors: Coral Brown

  • The Condiment Conundrum: Reconsidering End-State Comfort When the Means are not the Ends
    Authors: Raquel Burgess, Brian Richardson, Jessica Cappelletto, Daniel Garcia, James J. Burkitt and Dr. James Lyons

  • Tri-functional T cell receptor antigen coupler (Tri-TAC): A novel method to direct T cells against tumors
    Authors: Christopher W. Helsen, Ben Li, Galina F Denisova and Jonathan Bramson

  • Wettable Silicone Elastomers for Microfluidic Applications
    Authors: Yang Chen and Michael A. Brook