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General Questions

General FAQs

Q. What kinds of apps are published by McMaster?

McMaster apps reflect the diversity of work and research occurring across campus. Researchers who are creating a mobile app for any application or purpose and are interested in publishing their ap are encouraged to reach out to MILO for more information. Please contact Sabrina Kirby

Q. What are the requirements for publishing an app on the McMaster app stores?

At minimum, all apps that are published by McMaster must undergo a security review and privacy assessment. Contact Sabrina Kirby to get started.

Q. How can I commercialize and/or license my application?

The first step to commercializing or licensing any research is to complete a disclosure form. The form you complete will depend on the nature of your project. The intellectual property of most mobile applications can be protected through copyright, though some software will require slightly different considerations. Please contact Sabrina Kirby at MILO to discuss the particulars of your project.

Q. Who can provide support with mobile application development?

There is no dedicated technology support on campus for mobile applications at this time. The Privacy Office (University Secretariat) and UTS Information Security Services can assist with issues related to app security and privacy. Research & High-Performance Computing (RHPCS) may be able to assist with data storage and server support.

Here are the key contacts for additional information and resources:

Q. Why do apps require a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

Like almost all virtual services, use of mobile apps is typically governed by Terms of Use. When users interact with the app, they either tacitly or explicitly agree to those terms. These policies provide legally adequate protection to app users and creators alike.

Q. What is a copyright disclaimer? Why do I need to include one on my work?

A copyright disclaimer is a public notice that alerts users to the fact that the app they are using contains intellectual property (IP), and that that IP is protected. Copyrighted material should not be distributed or duplicated without explicit permission under clear terms, and in the event of a violation, a copyright notice on protected material will help facilitate recourse.

Q. What is TestFlight and how does it work?

TestFlight is an online service for over-the-air installation and testing of mobile applications, currently owned by Apple Inc and only offered to developers within the iOS Developer Program. Developers can use TestFlight to upload a beta version of the app and collect user feedback. MILO can facilitate access to TestFlight for developers.