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Therapeutics & Diagnostics 15-010

Biomarkers for determining cardiovascular disease risk

Physiological representation of affected area in cardiovascular disease.

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Sybille Hess
Hertzel Gerstein
Guillaume Pare
Matthew McQueen

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Sunita Asrani
Associate Director, Business Development and Copyright


Cardiovascular (CV) disease is the leading cause of death worldwide [1]. Early assessment of cardiovascular disease in patients at risk of developing a cardiovascular disease is important for the development or modification of therapeutic strategies and patient’s lifestyles. Current known diagnosis methods heavily rely on clinical history and physical examination by a physician [2]. However cardiovascular diseases, especially in early stages, generally causes non-specific that can be easily missed [2].

Researchers at McMaster University in partnership with Sanofi have discovered novel biomarkers for the assessment of the risk for development of CV. Combinations of up to 10 biomarkers were determined to be significantly linked to increased risk of CV with statistical significance [3].


  • Potential as a diagnostic tool for assessing risk of development of a cardiovascular disorder.


  • The novel use of these specific biomarkers in combination with known clinical biomarkers can better aid in assessing risk.
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