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Web Accessible Population Pharmacokinetic Service (WAPPS)

Hemophilia A and B are X chromosome-linked bleeding disorders caused by mutations in the factor VIII and IX genes.


The Web Accessible Population Pharmacokinetic Service (WAPPS) project is a centralized, actively moderated database developed by Dr. Alfonso Iorio to aid in the care of hemophilia patients. It allows participating hemophilia centres to securely input factor VIII/IX plasma levels from sparse samples of their patients, returning individual pharmacokinetic (PK) estimates. These estimates are generated by a proprietary automated population PK engine and manually validated.

Healthcare professionals of registered bleeding disorder centers can input post-infusion plasma level measurements of factor concentrates and some demographic and anthropometric measures of their patients, getting back individual PK estimates. The goal of this tool is to allow robust estimation of individual PK parameters from a reduced number of plasma samples and enhance knowledge about the application of population PK methodology to hemophilia care.

Each user or centre must register via

Therapeutic Areas

  • Hemophilia


  • Academic studies
  • Evaluation use
  • Clinical trials


  • Estimate PK parameters from reduced number of samples
  • Web interface is available in 10+ languages.
  • Use and validation in 240+ centres and 2800+ patients worldwide


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