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Medical Devices 14-030

Neonatal laryngoscope for the safe and effective intubation of premature babies

A laryngoscope designed specifically for neonatal anatomy, allowing for safer, more efficient intubation and improved vision of the larynx

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S. M. Doreswamy

Patent Status

US Patent 10327628

Stage of Research

Proof of Principle has been performed


Glen Crossley
Associate Director, Business Development and Intellectual Property


Each year in developed countries worldwide, more than 14 million babies are born preterm (The Lancet: Vol 379 June 9, 2012) with approximately 6-7% (or close to 1 million) requiring intubation. Currently, neonatal intubation is performed using a miniature adult laryngoscope which is marketed as a pediatric laryngoscope. However, the miniature adult laryngoscope is not optimally designed for neonatal anatomy, which can result in challenges to properly insert the device, obstructed view of the larynx and trauma to the patient. There is currently no laryngoscope exclusively designed for neonates themselves.

A neonatal laryngoscope has been designed specifically for the anatomy of neonates, making intubation significantly simpler and more efficient. Importantly, the neonatal laryngoscope addresses the need to reduce the trauma associated with the existing laryngoscopes in the market.


  • Safe and effective intubation of neonates Advantages


  • Eliminates the chances of trauma to the upper lip and jaw caused by the present laryngoscope blade – an essential advantage
  • Less bulky than the current laryngoscope making it easier for the physician to handle
  • The ergonomics are such that the device does not require health care providers intubating the newborn to learn a new technique but facilitates the intubation procedure
  • Provides unobstructed vision of the larynx (opening of the windpipe) against the partial obstructed vision of current laryngoscope

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