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TrialTree: Revolutionizing Randomized Clinical Trial Design through Interactive Digital Innovation

Tech ID



Lawrence Mbuagbaw


Taj Sarin
Business Development Officer


TrialTree is an innovative, interactive platform designed for randomized trial design. The application provides features that include feedback on trial design, resources for trial design, tools for statistical analysis plans, and support for various trial design protocols. It is divided into modules for various aspects of trial design, including basics, design, PICO, TIDIER, SAP, full SAP, SPIRIT, and trial resources. TrialTree is already fully functional and tested.


  • Academic and clinical research
    • TrialTree is useful for researchers and students, providing an interactive, comprehensive tool for trial design. It is suitable for use in academic courses, and in designing and implementing clinical trials.
  • Clinical trial management
    • The platform can be used to facilitate the management of clinical trials, providing an organized, user-friendly approach to designing, monitoring, and reporting trials.
  • Education
    • TrialTree is also an educational tool, allowing users to learn about trial design and related processes in an interactive environment.
  • Collaboration
    • The platform supports collaborative trial design, with features that allow team members to be invited to the project space.


  • Comprehensive platform
    • TrialTree provides an all-in-one solution for trial design, providing features and resources covering all aspects of trial design.
  • Interactive and user-friendly
    • The platform is interactive and user-friendly, providing tips, prompts, and feedback on trial design, and allowing users to create customizable reports.
  • Collaborative
    • TrialTree supports team collaboration, allowing project team members to be invited to the project space.
  • Continuous Improvement
    • The tool is subject to ongoing development, with upgrades planned based on user feedback and suggestions.

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