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Chemistry 23-066

Modulated membrane chromatography device

Schematic design of modulated membrane chromatography device

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Raja Ghosh

Patent Status

US provisional filed

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Development stage


Tao Li
Business Development Officer


Ion exchange membrane chromatography is widely used for purification of proteins and other biomacromolecules. However, existing methods are not suitable for high-resolution purification. To address this issue, researchers at McMaster University have developed a modulated membrane chromatography device that combines a positively charged binding membrane and a negatively charged modulating membrane, which can separate biological macromolecules with high-resolution.


Separation of biological macromolecules, including carbohydrates such as dextran, lipids such as fatty acids, proteins such as enzymes and antibodies, and nucleic acids such as RNA and DNA


  • High-resolution of separation
  • Low-cost of manufacture
  • Purification of hard to separate proteins such as aggregates and variants

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