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Chemistry 23-008

A Multi-Well Device for High-Throughput Screening of Membrane for Using in Membrane Chromatography

The multi-well plate and its CAD model.

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David Latulippe
Boyang Zhang
Ana Arežina
Karina Kawka

Patent Status

US provisional filed

Stage of Research

Development stage


Tao Li
Business Development Officer


High-throughput screening (HTS) tools have previously been explored as a screening platform to determine the optimal binding conditions during membrane chromatography processes. However, existing methods for membrane chromatography are limited to few filter plates designed for matching traditional 96-well microplates, which requires a separate collection plate and either a vacuum manifold or a bench-top centrifuge. Furthermore, these devices allow only one membrane to be analyzed during a single experimental run, and the membrane absorbers cannot be extracted from the device for further analysis.

To address the above issues, researchers at McMaster University have developed a HTS process for membrane chromatography involving laterally-fed and gravitational-driven flow by a perfusion rocker platform. The device is built based on multiple customizable multi-well plates, wherein the well-to-well space is consistent with a standard 96-well plate, allowing for integration with multichannel pipettes. Each multi-well plate can conduct up to 32 experiments in parallel, with each experiment requiring only one small disc of membrane. Multiple discs may be stacked to increase the membrane volume per experiment. After binding analysis, membranes can be easily extracted for post-experimental analysis.


  • Determination of optimal parameters for large biotherapeutic separation such as DNA, protein, bacteriophage, extracellular vesicles, and plasmids
  • Purification of viruses or viral vectors


  • Customizable and low-cost
  • No need for a separate collection plate, vacuum manifold or bench-top centrifuge
  • Can analyze multiple membrane in single experimental run
  • Membrane can be removed from the device for analysis

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