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Chemistry 21-043 16-062

Cuboid size-exclusion chromatography device


Tech ID



Raja Ghosh

Patent Status

Granted Patent US10759829B2
Filed US 18/452,936

Stage of Research

Development stage


Tao Li
Business Development Officer


Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) has been widely used for the analysis of biopharmaceuticals. However, limitations such as low speed, low capacity, and poor scalability of commercial SEC columns make them unsuitable for preparative purification of biopharmaceuticals. To address these issues, researchers at McMaster University have developed a scalable cuboid SEC device which has a short bed height, large cross-sectional area, and a unique flow distribution & collection system. Compared to conventional SEC columns, this novel SEC device has higher speed and productivity, lower operating pressure, higher resolution, and higher loading capacity.


  • Purification of biopharmaceuticals such as antibodies, vaccines, and other life-saving therapeutics
  • Purification of viruses and virus like particles (VLP)
  • Purification exosomes and other vesicles
  • Purification of liposomes and nanoparticles


  • Low operating pressure
  • High loading capacity of sample
  • High resolution of purification
  • Fast separation
  • Scalable device
  1. R Ghosh, G Chen, U Umatheva, P Gatt, A flow distribution and collection feature for ensuring scalable uniform flow in a chromatography device, Journal of Chromatography A 1618, 460892
  2. Y Xu, S Pan, R Ghosh, A New Approach for Increasing Speed, Loading Capacity, Resolution, and Scalability of Preparative Size-Exclusion Chromatography of Proteins, Processes 10 (12), 2566

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