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Business Organizational Development – Basadur Telescoping

Basadur Telescoping


The Simplexity System teaches three different skills:

  1. Active Divergence
  2. Active Convergence
  3. Deferral of Judgment

All three are critical to run the Simplexity process. The tool used to ensure these three skills are exercised is called “telescoping”. Teamwork is too often dysfunctional because people mix divergence/convergence at all steps of the process. They don’t realize it and get bogged down and frustrated.

Telescoping is a clarifying converging tool. It is used to take a big list of ideas and whittle them down to a manageable number or critical few. The tool helps a team further understand each other’s views while shaping a good idea into something really special, worth rallying around and getting excited about. Telescoping is a three-stage tool used in the evaluation step of the two-step ideation-evaluation process of creative problems solving, applied after a group has completed generating solution ideas.

Stage 1: Each group member identifies a small number of the generated ideas as their “best bets”, deserving further examination from their individual points of view

Stage 2: Build respect for all points of view through non-judgmental clarification of the reasoning for each of the “best bets” chosen at the previous stage.

Stage 3: The group works together to evaluate and achieve consensus on the critical few best options to take forward to implementation planning.


MILO Business Development

Telescoping is a 3-stage clarifying, converging tool used to evaluate ideas and help a team understand each others’ views.


  • Ensures problems are approached efficiently without sacrificing creativity or opportunities for innovation
  • Improve collaboration efficiency and success


  • Team building
  • Talent evaluation
  • Brainstorming

Languages Available

Training is available in several languages.
Availability of Coach in a particular language is determined upon request.

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