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Business Organizational Development – Basadur Team InQ

Basadur Team InQ (Innovation Quotient) Survey


The InQ survey, or Innovation Quotient, is the second tool in the Basadur Profile offerings. The tool assesses the quality of your team’s problem-solving and innovation, and measures attitudes, skills, and behaviours. Each person contributes to a collective team score, depending on how frequently certain attitudes and behaviours crop up. The end result is ultimately a rating on one of 5 levels: innovation novice, innovation beginner, innovation proficient, innovation expert, and innovation master.

By measuring a team’s creative and critical thinking ability, and its aptitude for keeping an open mind, the lnQ survey tells you where improvements can be made. An lnQ score reveals which trainings can be used to address a team’s specific strengths and weaknesses. Many different attitudes, skills and behaviors drive successful innovation, and many of us aren’t aware that these things are learnable. Team leaders can therefore use the lnQ survey to focus attention on what’s required to build missing innovation skills.

The InQ survey also provides information relating to the four Basadur Profile styles – generation, conceptualization, optimization and implementation. While The Profile measures individual innovation styles and a team scatter diagram indicates how a team is weighted when it comes to the skills required for each stage of the process, the InQ survey assesses how well a team actually practices those skills. By providing you with a tool to track improvements over time, the InQ survey also improves your team’s ability to innovate better together.


MILO Business Development


  • Ensures problems are approached efficiently without sacrificing creativity or opportunities for innovation.
  • Improve collaboration efficiency and success
  • Ability to track and monitor progress


  • Team building
  • Talent evaluation
  • Brainstorming

Languages Available

Training is available in several languages. Availability of Coach in a particular language is determined upon request.

Example Team Innovation Quotient score breakdown.

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