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Business Organizational Development – Basadur Simplexity Thinking

Basadur Simplexity Thinking


Simplexity is an innovative thinking and creative problem-solving process that separates innovation into clearly-defined steps, to take you from initial problem-finding right through to implementing the solutions you’ve created. “Simplexity Thinking” can be defined as a framework that combines knowledge, process, skills needed to enable successful innovation.

Simplexity encourages all participants to participate in creative problem solving and brainstorming in an unbiased, open-minded way. Simplexity takes the four stages of innovation (Generating, Conceptualizing, Optimizing, and Implementing), and breaks them into two, for a total of eight steps:

  1. Problem Finding
  2. Fact Finding
  3. Problem Definition
  4. Idea Finding
  5. Evaluate and Select
  6. Plan
  7. Acceptance
  8. Action

The Simplexity process ensures that diverse teams comprised of Generators, Conceptualizers, Optimizers, and Implementers can work on tasks both efficiently and in a mindset that accelerates creativity. Everything moves ahead in the knowledge that problems are mutually understood and proper criteria have been applied, making the plan of action arrived at not just the most innovative one, but the correct one.


MILO Business Development

Diagram depicting the eight steps of simplexity.


  • Ensures problems are approached efficiently without sacrificing creativity or opportunities for innovation.
  • Improve collaboration efficiency and success


  • Team building
  • Talent evaluation
  • Brainstorming

Languages Available

Training is available in several languages. Availability of Coach in a particular language is determined upon request. Simplexity is a method delivered through training (in-person or virtual).

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