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Business Organizational Development – Basadur Challenge Mapping

Basadur Challenge Mapping


For over 30 years, Basadur Challenge Mapping has been relied upon by community organizations, start-ups, governments, nonprofits, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies to uncover the pressing customer problems that lead to tangible new business and revenue. The purpose of Challenge Mapping is to uncover and clarify the different problems and subproblems lurking within a complex ill-defined situation, and to understand how they relate to one another. The Challenge Mapping Process also enables organizations to significantly improve the success rate of new projects.

There are 3 fundamental factors that make Challenge Mapping successful:

  1. Challenge Mapping helps organizations take the appropriate time to define the true customer problem at-issue
  2. Challenge Mapping perpetuates solving of smaller, more manageable, executable problems, instead of going for the gold taking monumental leaps where the cost of failure can threaten the entire organization
  3. Challenge Mapping focuses on innovation vs. cost-cutting. Too often leaders are trying to “make their numbers” in the short term at the expense of innovation and focusing on projects that build for the future

The success of Challenge Mapping depends on the skills of participants in the application of a special heuristic called “Why-What’s Stopping?” (WWS) Analysis.


MILO Business Development

Basadur Challenge Mapping can be used to define problems in complex situations.


  • Ensures problems are approached efficiently without sacrificing creativity or opportunities for innovation.
  • Improved collaboration efficiency and success.


  • Team building
  • Talent evaluation
  • Brainstorming

Languages Available

Challenge Mapping Application is available with the purchase of The Basadur Profile and is available in English (although the Challenge Map can be developed by the user in any language). Challenge Mapping and WWS Analysis Training is available in several languages. Availability of Coach in a particular language is determined upon request.

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