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MacLIMS is the McMaster Lab Information Management System pilot project. The pilot period has concluded as of May 2022. Future LIMS software is currently being evaluated through a McMaster RFP. The MacLIMS system continues to be available until a new, replacement LIMS comes online. In this post-pilot period MacLIMS will continue to be supported and maintained until its end of life scheduled in 2024.

For technical support, please submit a ticket through the MacLIMS Customer Portal. For general enquiries, please reach out to us through the Contact Us button above.


Pilot Project

The Research Information Technology Committee approved a project to implement a new software platform to support operational activities of McMaster’s Research Facilities. This project was piloted from June 2020 until May 2022.

The project pilot focused on evaluating a new platform, MacLIMS, based on the Ivy Scientific NanoLIMS platform. A sample of research facilities were invited to join the project. This sample size was limited to ensure that the platform was implemented in a robust, sustainable and secure manner.

Research facilities first expressed an interest in moving to the MacLIMS platform by completing a brief questionnaire, which included key information that allowed the Office of the Vice-President Research (OVPR) to prioritize their request. The OVPR reviewed the questionnaire and consulted with the Associate Deans, Research to ensure the order of facility enrolment aligned with University and Faculty priorities. The VPR consulted with project staff to ensure the project team supported the order in which facilities were invited to join the platform. Once a Research Facility was selected for inclusion, a migration plan was created with the project team. Work commenced only after the migration plan was finalized.

Factors that the VPR and ADRs considered for facilities to join the MacLIMS project included:

  • Alignment of the Research Facility with institutional and Faculty priorities.
  • Current procedures for carrying out administrative tasks in the Research Facility.
  • The current costs being incurred by the Research Facility in order to perform functions that would be handled by MacLIMS.
  • The range of instruments / equipment operated within the Research Facility, and the number of users.
  • The willingness of the Research Facility to adjust its administrative processes to fit within the MacLIMS platform.
  • The capacity of the Research Facility to implement a change of management platform in a timely manner.
  • The capacity of the Research Facility to support its users through a change of management platform.
  • The alignment of the needs of the Research Facility with the current capabilities of MacLIMS.
  • The alignment of the planned capabilities of MacLIMS with the needs of the Research Facility.
  • The capacity of the project implementation team to meet the needs of the Research Facility in a timely manner.