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MacREM Templates and Guides


Document Name Description Updated
Assent Template Assent template for people who lack capacity to consent for themselves March 2022
Letter of Information & Consent Template Letter of Information and Consent template April 2021
Oral Consent Script Template Script for seeking oral consent via phone/online/in-person November 2021
Oral Consent Log Template Oral consent log to record verbal consent via online/phone/in-person November 2021
Consent Preamble & Post Study Actions for Online Studies Sample consent preamble and post study consent questions for online studies August 2020
Consent Plain English Guide A guide to converting documents into plain language August 2018
Debrief and Reconsent Template Template for debrief/reconsent.  Not for SONA studies March 2022


Recruitment Script Samples

Document Name Description Updated
Brochure Sample Brochure recruiting sample from ethnographic research March 2018
Email Script Sent by Holder of Participant Contact Email template when a gatekeeper has the contact info November 2021
Email Script Sent Direct to Participants Email template to send directly to participants November 2021
In Class/In Person Recruitment Script Template for recruitment in class or in person November 2021
Poster Template Poster sample with tear away tabs November 2021
Social Media Post Template Template for a social media recruitment post November 2021
Sona Ad Template Sona ad template November 2019
Snowball Recruitment Script Template for snowball recruitment November 2021
Telephone Recruitment Script Template for a telephone recruitment script November 2021


Data Collection and Research Methods

Document Name Description Updated
Ethnographic Research Methodology Wording for the Application Ethnographic research methodology sample wording for applications March 2018
MREB Guide to Online Studies A guide for researchers conducting online surveys or experiments/tasks October 2020
Focus Group Interview Guide Sample Sample focus group and interview guide March 2018
Interview Guide in Plain Language Interview guide in plain language for participants March 2018
LimeSurvey Hub RHPC hosted Hub containing resources & McMaster specific templates/themes for use with LimeSurvey March 2021
LimeSurvey at McMaster – Video Playlist A playlist covering some of the basics of the central Limsurvey instance at McMaster University created by Nick Marquis March 2022


Confidentiality and Data Security Samples

Document Name Description Updated
Recommended Practices for Recording Online Interviews / Focus Groups Recommended practices for recording online June 18, 2021
Protecting Confidentiality for Phone and Online Interviews/Focus Groups Email template when a gatekeeper has the contact info March 1, 2018
Data Sharing Agreement Template A simple data sharing agreement template that can be used when sharing data outside of McMaster or when an outside organization is sharing data with McMaster researchers Oct. 8, 2020
Oath of Confidentiality Sample Oath of Confidentiality for translators, transcribers, and other non-research team members March 1, 2018
MREB Data Storage and Security Tools MREB data storage and security tools Nov. 27, 2020


Research Involving Canadian First Nations, Inuit and Metis Peoples

Document Name Description Updated
Indigenous Research Engagement – Template Indigenous Community Engagement template for use in research with Indigenous communities July 20, 2022
Indigenous Partners Research Agreement – Sample Sample of a research agreement between McMaster University and Indigenous partners July 20, 2022

Managing Risks

Document Name Description Updated
Counseling Services Info Sheet Sample Counseling resources sample to be modified for location/s and accessability of study participants March 1, 2018
Social Risk – Using Video-Conferencing Platforms for Collecting Data from Human Participants Using video-conferencing (human participants) to collect data June 18, 2021


MacREM How-To Guides for Applicants

Document Name Description Updated
MacREM Applicant Features User Guide MacREM Applicant features user guide March 2022
MacREM Application with External REB Clearance How to create an Application with External REB Clearance March 2022
MacREM Create an Amendment Sub-form How to create an Amendment sub-form March 2022
MacREM Create Annual Report Sub-form How to create an Annual Report March 2022
MacREM Create Conditional Release of Funds How to create a Conditional Release application March 2022
MacREM Create For Information Only sub-form How to create a FIO sub-form March 2022
MacREM Create New Project How to Create a New Project/Application March 2022
MacREM Delete Form How to Delete a form March 2022
MacREM Find Clearance Letter How to find the Clearance Letter in MacREM March 2022
MacREM Getting Started User Guide for Applicant MacREM Getting Started user guide for applicants March 2022
MacREM Intro – General Features – For Applicants Information session at MacREM implementation (pdf) March 2022
MacREM Respond to Chair Comments How to respond to the Chair’s request for revisions March 2022
MacREM Sharing with Study Team How to Share forms with the study team March 2022
MacREM Sign and Submit Application How to Sign and Submit an application or subform March 2022
MacREM Transfer Ownership and Duplicate Sub-Forms How to Transfer Project Owners and Duplicate Sub-forms March 2022
MacREM Update Form How the Project Owner can Update the project March 2022


MacREM How-To Guides for MREB Reviewers/Chairs

Document Name Description Updated
MacREM Reviewer User Manual How to make comments and submit a review in MacREM June 4, 2018