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Depending on the nature of your research, you may require additional certifications. The following must be reviewed the appropriate review board before research can begin:

  1. Biosafety Office – bio-hazardous materials (e.g. viruses, bacteria or yeast, cancer or immortalized cell lines, parasites, toxins of a biological origin, plant or aquatic pathogens);
  2. Health Physics Department – nuclear substances and radiation devices;
  3. Controlled Goods Program – controlled goods (e.g. weapons, ammunition, explosives, weapon design and testing equipment, missile technology, technology necessary for the development, production or use of a controlled good).
  4. Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (formerly known as the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency)
    1. Research may require an environmental assessment if it:
      • Takes place outside an office or a laboratory, or
      • Involves construction, operation, modification, decommissioning, abandonment or other activity in relation to a permanent physical structure.
  5. U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) Financial Conflict of Interest
    1. Are you applying to a funding agency that falls under the U.S. Public Health Service Regulations? If so, a Declaration and Disclosure form concerning Financial Conflict of Interest must be completed, as well as completion of an on-line tutorial to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the PHS. For further details regarding the requirements and access to the disclosure form, please contact the research administration office assisting you with your application.