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Pancreatic Cancer Research Program

Research Admin Offices:

  • HRS

Funding Type:



  1. Idea Development Award: up to $500,000
    • Early Career Investigator Option: up to $650,000
  2. Translational Research Partnership Award: up to $750,000


  • Health Sciences
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering



Internal Deadline:

August 11, 2020

Sponsor Deadline:

August 25, 2020


The PCARP Idea Development Award supports the development of innovative, high-risk/high reward research that could lead to critical discoveries or major advancements that will accelerate progress in improving outcomes for individuals with pancreatic cancer. This award mechanism is designed to support innovative ideas with the potential to yield impactful data and new avenues of investigation.

  1. Idea Development Award
    • Supports new ideas that represent innovative, high-risk/high-gain approaches to pancreatic cancer research and have the potential to make an important contribution to one or more of the FY20 PCARP Focus Areas.
    • Emphasis is equally placed on Innovation and Impact.
    • Preliminary data are encouraged, but not required.
    • Clinical trials are not allowed.
    • Must address at least one of the FY20 PCARP Focus Areas.
    • Preproposal is required; application submission is by invitation only
  2. Translational Research Partnership Award
    • Supports partnerships between clinicians and laboratory scientists that accelerate ideas in pancreatic cancer into clinical applications.
    • Multi-institutional and multi-discipline partnerships are strongly encouraged.
    • Must address at least one of the FY20 PCARP Focus Areas.
    • Supports translational correlative studies.
    • Preliminary data are required.
    • Retrospective tissue analysis, correlative studies, or small pilot clinical studies are permitted.
    • Preproposal is required; application submission is by invitation only.

Deadlines (Opps 1 & 2)


Notice of Intent

Draft Application

11 August

06 November

Sponsor Preproposal

Final Application

25 August

20 November

Additional Program Information:

Applications submitted to the FY20 PCARP must address one or more of the following Focus Areas:

  • Understanding precursors, origins, and early progression of pancreatic cancer
  • Understanding the events that promote pancreatic cancer metastasis¬†
  • Understanding the relationship between oncogenic signaling and the tumor microenvironment that drives drug resistance and therapeutic response
  • Integration of biologic and imaging biomarkers to drive more precise and earlier detection and prognosis
  • Defining viable tumor burden
  • Supportive care and patient-reported outcomes, quality of life, and perspectives during treatment and survivorship
  • New drug development targeted toward cancer sensitivity and resistance mechanisms including immune mechanisms of resistance (for correlative studies only)
  • Development of pharmacological, immunological, or genetic interception approaches


  1. Idea Development Award
    • Single Principal Investigator (PI) Option: Investigators at or above the level of Assistant Professor (or equivalent) or
    • Early-Career Investigator Partnering PI Option:
    • Investigators at or above the level of Assistant Professor (or equivalent) may collaborate on a single application with a young investigator that meets the following criteria at the application submission deadline date:
    • Has completed at least 3 years of postdoctoral training or medical residency program
    • Is no more than 7 years from the receipt of a terminal degree
    • Can commit at least 50% protected time for the project
  1. Translational Research Partnership Award
    • PIs must be at or above the level of Assistant Professor or equivalent.
    • Clinicians must be an M.D., M.D./Ph.D., or equivalent with clinical duties and/or responsibilities.

Application/Nomination Process:

A pre-application is required and must be submitted through the electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal (eBRAP) at prior to the pre-application deadline. All applications must conform to the final Program Announcements and General Application Instructions that will be available for electronic downloading from the website. The application package containing the required forms for each award mechanism will also be found on A listing of all CDMRP and other USAMRDC extramural funding opportunities can be obtained on the website by performing a basic search using CFDA Number 12.420. 


Program website


If you are applying from the Faculty of Health Sciences, please contact an Advisor from HRS.

For support with external non-industry funding, please contact Virginia Viscardi, Senior Advisor, ROADS.