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McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) & Global Nexus Catalyst Grant in the Biology of Aging Special Call: Aging Populations and Infectious Threats

Research Admin Offices:

  • HRS

Funding Type:


Opportunity Type:

  • Grant


Up to $50,000 to support one award.


  • Health Sciences



Internal Deadline:

November 1, 2022

Sponsor Deadline:

November 1, 2022

Additional Dates:

  • HRS Internal Deadline - October 18, 2022


The MIRA & Global Nexus Catalyst Grant in the Biology of Aging – Special Call: Aging Populations and Infectious Threats offers the opportunity to conduct collaborative and interdisciplinary research focused on aging and infectious threats. This grant is intended to stimulate new collaborations and allow McMaster researchers to investigate the aging-related molecular and cellular mechanisms that predispose older adults to increased risks associated with infectious disease and collect preliminary data to support proposals for future full-scale studies.

The aging process represents a major risk factor for the development of numerous chronic diseases and conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, many cancers, respiratory and cardiovascular disease, arthritis, reproductive aging, and frailty, among others. Growing evidence in animal models indicates that interventions at the level of the biological mechanisms of aging could lead to the very early prevention of many diseases and conditions associated with aging, and that several biological pillars — inflammation, adaptation to stress, epigenetics, metabolism, macromolecular damage, proteostasis, and stem cells and regeneration — may represent the potential drivers of the aging process. Within this framework, there are special challenges involved in attending to the needs of an aging population in the face of looming infectious threats such as Ebola, Zika, dengue, SARS-COV-2, influenza, and antimicrobial resistance. For more information see the full call and application form.


  • Submissions should include researchers from a minimum of three different McMaster Faculties as meaningful contributors to the project. Meaningful contributions may include:
    • Providing insight at the project outset.
    • Helping to contextualize the problem or solution, providing technical expertise.
    • Knowledge translation and implementation strategy.
    • Academic end-user roles.
    • External participants, and participation from additional departments/Faculties beyond the stated minimum are welcome. The submission should outline the role of each researcher in the project, and how the integration of the distinct disciplines offers a unique and sustainable approach to study the research question.

Application/Nomination Process:

Application packages must be submitted directly to applications must include:

MIRA and Global Nexus will strike an interdisciplinary review panel who will select the grant recipient(s) based on the quality, feasibility and impact of the research proposal, the value of the interdisciplinary approach, the academic excellence of the applicant team, and the alignment with MIRA’s and Global Nexus’s goals. If a suitable proposal is not identified based on the feedback of the review committee, the award will not be offered. Successful applicants are expected to be announced by January 2023.