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Get ready for CIHR Project with Project Pre-Review (PPR)

Research Admin Offices:

  • HRS

Funding Type:



  • Health Sciences
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering
  • Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities



Internal Deadline:

August 6, 2021

Sponsor Deadline:

August 6, 2021


Prepare for CIHR Project by taking part in our optional pre-review service. Interested faculty can request PPR as an added layer of review for CIHR Project submissions. Prepare early and have this additional review assist in increasing your chances of funding.

Project Pre-Review (PPR) is an optional service offered through HRS/ROADS for faculty submitting to the CIHR Project competition.  More than just early review, PPR matches the applicant to a reviewer who is one of either a recently funded Project holder or a recent peer review committee member.   This does not replace mandatory INTERNAL review on ResearchNet (RNet).

PPR “draft ready” materials must be provided by email to HRS/ROADS a month before the mandatory institutional INTERNAL review on RNet, and 6 weeks ahead of the CIHR FINAL Deadline.  A Project REGISTRATION must have been submitted on RNet to request PPR.  

Careful consideration should be when choosing the peer review committee as it is informs applicant/reviewer matching, and cannot be changed once the Registration is submitted to CIHR.

Request your PPR by emailing your faculty contact (above) and providing the following:

  • a copy of your Project REGISTRATION (matching is done by peer review committee (PRC) – it is helpful to have a copy of your REG or identify planned PRC).  Take care on your PRC choice as this is one thing that cannot be changed after REGISTRATION stage. Note: There is a new Tri-Agency Interdisciplinary PRC being piloted this round.
  • “draft ready” application/budget materials (Word version).Jenni
  • a copy of your reviewer comments is also helpful, if this is a resubmission.

NOTE: The PPR process is facilitated by request to HRS/ROADS and is optional service; it is not mandatory

Additional Program Information:

Dates / Timelines

REGISTRATION – Submit on ResearchNet (RNet) by August 18 at 8 pm EST.
*Anytime up to August 6 – Request PPR by emailing your research contact

INTERNAL Mandatory Review – Hit SUBMIT on RNet by September 1 at 12:00 noon EST

FINAL CIHR Deadline – Hit SUBMIT on RNet by September 15 at 12:00 noon EST (HRS/ROADS to approve and submit online).

*Dates and timelines may be different for ROADS and HRS; check with your research office contact.

Application/Nomination Process:

Steps and Dates:

  1. REGISTER on ResearchNet (RNet) before requesting PPR.
  2. Anytime up to August 6 – request PPR by emailing “draft ready” application & budget materials (Word docs) and a copy of RNet REGISTRATION to your faculty contact.
  3. INTERNAL deadline: Sep 1 by 12 noon – hit SUBMIT on RNet for mandatory INTERNAL online review.
  4. FINAL CIHR deadline: September 15 on RNet by 12 noon (HRS to approve and submit online).

**dates may be different for non-FHS faculty using ROADS for PPR

PPR is by request to HRS/ROADS as an optional service; it is not mandatory.


Interested Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) should contact Lisa Hodge

Interested non- FHS faculty should contact Virginia Viscardi at ROADS.