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Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Other: Joint Canada-Israel Health Research Program

Research Admin Offices:

  • HRS

Funding Type:


Opportunity Type:

  • Grant


The maximum amount per grant is $100,000 per year for up to one (1) year. 


  • Health Sciences



Internal Deadline:

January 17, 2023

Sponsor Deadline:

February 16, 2023

Additional Dates:

  • Sponsor Registration Date - January 17, 2023
  • HRS Internal Full Application Deadline - February 2, 2023
  • Sponsor Full Application Deadline - February 16, 2023


Phase II of the Joint Canada-Israel Health Research Program (the Program) seeks to support cutting-edge research in the biomedical sciences and global health. This second call for proposals under Phase II is directed toward applicants conducting research in the broad area of Communicable Diseases while strengthening capacity in Canada, Israel and in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC).

The Program will support world-class research projects co-led by three principal investigators: one from Canada, one from Israel and one from an eligible LMIC (see IDRC website for the list of eligible countries). The teams will integrate researchers from all three countries with the intention of strengthening scientific capacity, promoting collaboration, equitable partnerships, and scientific excellence in all its diversity. It is expected that the three principal investigators will work together on a cohesive research project with researchers from all three countries equitably contributing to and benefiting from their involvement in the project and the Program.

Phase II of the Joint Canada-Israel Health Research Program is expected to:

  • Advance research and discovery in global health and biomedical sciences.
  • Encourage scientific collaboration and knowledge mobilization between Canadian, Israeli and LMIC researchers and trainees.
  • Reinforce capacity in global health and biomedical science with researchers and trainees.


For an application to be eligible:

  • For administrative purposes only, the Nominated Principal Applicant must be the Canadian investigator co-leading the team.
  • A maximum of one Principal Applicant must be the Israeli investigator co-leading the team.
  • A maximum of one Principal Applicant must be the LMIC investigator co-leading the team.
  • For the Canadian arm of the team, applications involving First Nations, Inuit, Métis and/or Urban Indigenous populations must include at least one participant who self-identifies as First Nations, Inuit, or Métis and/or who can demonstrate their experience of meaningful and culturally safe involvement with Indigenous Peoples in an Indigenous Health Research environment on the research team. At least one participant meeting this criterion must submit an “Other” attachment describing their experience working in an Indigenous Health Research environment.
    • If relevant, the LMIC investigator co-leading the team is invited to reflect on how their research application could involve Indigenous populations related to their specific context.
  • In your knowledge mobilization plan, as a minimum eligibility requirement, all proposals must support at least one of the following activities aimed at supporting capacity and scientific relationships:
    • significant training opportunities such as scientific workshops, graduate training in low- and middle-income countries, Canada and Israel or summer schools benefiting researchers/trainees in eligible LMIC; and/or
    • inclusion of trainees from LMIC, Canada and Israel in carrying out the research.

Application/Nomination Process:

The application process for this funding opportunity is comprised of an ISF administrative application and a CIHR application, each consisting of a registration and application stage.

The Canadian, Israeli and LMIC investigators co-leading the team will submit one joint application through CIHR ResearchNet. In addition, the Israeli investigator is responsible for submitting a separate, administrative application to ISF.


Additional Details.


If applying from the Faculty of Health Sciences, unless otherwise indicated, you no longer need to send documents to HRS Intake. Your first point of contact is your assigned Senior Grants Advisor.