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About Research Finance

Our team of experienced professionals will help you access the grant money you’ve been awarded and assist you in adhering to university policies, the terms of the grant agreement and granting agency rules.

about research finance


On behalf of researchers, McMaster Research Finance:

  • prepares and submits financial reports in accordance with the granting agency guidelines
  • prepares and submits invoice, request for payments and reimbursements
  • reviews financial status of accounts and prepares adjustments
  • provides guidance for budget preparation, eligibility and allocation of expenses, and other administrative issues, including avoiding overdraft situations

These services significantly reduce the burden on researchers of administering a grant.

The McMaster Research Finance Process

Once a researcher is awarded a grant, the appropriate research administration office (i.e. MILO or ROADS) will notify us and we will assign an account number.  The research administration office will then prepare an Award and Account Notice (AAN) or Notice of Award (NOA) and distribute it to the researcher and Research Finance.

We review the requirements, open the account with the eligible sub-codes (spending categories) and input budgets so you may access the funds. Research accounts are set up so that all expenditures require approval from the researcher (or delegate) and our office.  We ensure that expenditures meet the terms of the granting agency, comply with university policy and do not exceed the account balance.

For a comprehensive list of Research Finance Staff, their areas of responsibility and contact information, link to the Research Finance staff page.