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About Health Research Services

The Health Research Services Office (HRS) provides advice and administrative support to process operating and personnel grants, manages research resources and administers the ethics review process for medical research involving human and animal subjects. Health Sciences Research Finance provides a wide range of financial services to researchers in the Faculty of Health Sciences, including those located at affiliated hospitals. HRS and ROADS work collaboratively on institutional initiative from the other Faculties.

about health research servicesHealth Research Services


Both Health Research Services (HRS) and Health Sciences Research Finance (HSRF) have comprehensive web sites that reside with the Faculty of Health Sciences.

HRS and HSRF Contact information is listed below:


 Title Name Extension Email Address
Associate Dean of Research Stephen M. Collins 22184
Executive Assistant to Associate Dean Darlene Long 22184
Director, Health Research Services Greg Weiler 22258
Administrative Assistant Rebecca Leone 22258
Accountant Stephanie Woodill 22464
Research Administration and Ethics      
Assistant Director, Research Administration Wendy Hollinshead 22466
Senior Advisor (CIHR Programs) Lisa Hodge 26367
Senior Advisor (NIH, HSF, OICR, and other govt and non-profit agencies) Serena Jennings 22057
Senior Agreements Officer Caroline Woods 22006
Grants Specialist Muriel Gervais 22465
Research Ethics Officer Karen Henderson 44574
AREB Ethics Officer Lisa Bulger 22469
Research Infrastructure, Development & Support      
Assistant Director, Research Infrastructure, Development & Support Tracy Arabski 22515
Senior Advisor (CFI, MEDI, CRC, Genome Cda) Karen Slonim 22577
Senior Advisor (CFI, MEDI, CRC, Genome Cda) Sarah McNiven-Scott 22871

Health Sciences Research Finance

Sonya Caissie, Assistant Comptroller
Extension: 22107

Koray Beduk, Senior Financial Administrator, Major Projects
Extension: 22192

Ginny Toth, Senior Financial Administrator , Major Projects
Extension: 28667

Vivian Robinson, Research Accountant
Extension: 22957

Corrina Macdonald,
Research Accountant
Extension: 22972

Mirela Nicanau, Research Accountant

Extension: 22745

Dorothy Nizinski, Senior Financial Administrator, Major Projects

Extension 22470