Latest information and updates about COVID-19 (coronavirus) from McMaster University
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At McMaster, it is our goal and responsibility to use our evidence-based knowledge to support understanding, drive change, and, ultimately, advance human and societal health and well-being.

The McMaster COVID-19 Research Fund is designed to support a broad range of research which will benefit society in dealing with pandemics in the immediate and longer term. To ensure funding of a diverse range of research undertaken across the university, two Streams supporting discoveries and advances led by McMaster researchers have been developed. Funding is provided by McMaster University and through the generosity of compassionate donors.

Stream 1 – Research with Immediate Impact

With a global war raging on COVID-19, McMaster researchers have already brought much-needed insights and expertise to the cause through their scientific and technological advances. In an effort to do more, this program will fund research with immediate impacts, and which broadens our knowledge and understanding of the virus and provides us with the necessary tools to fight it. For instance, we welcome projects like those that build our capacity for vaccine development, therapeutics and diagnostics; advance a cure or effective treatments; employ innovative technologies and AI solutions to enable the manufacturing of the requisite equipment; or identify practices that better address the needs of healthcare workers and patients.

Approximately $1.5M in University funding is available to support Stream 1 awards.

Stream 2 – Research Aimed at Longer-term Outcomes

The collateral damage of COVID-19 on populations and economies will live well beyond a vaccine. What does a post-COVID world look like—both locally and globally—and what tools are needed to reduce the impacts of this and future pandemics on our economic, political, and societal health? We welcome projects examining a wide range of issues: global health policy in an era of entrenched nationalism; health care and climate change; the role of the media (social and otherwise) and fake news cycles; how epidemics shape history, consciousness and the arts; deepening global inequality and epidemics; race and epidemics; populism and the war on science; better city planning in light of urbanization and densification; the psychological fallout of pandemics on vulnerable populations; or the economics of funding a post-COVID world.

Up to $1M in University funding is available to support Stream 2 awards.

Process for Applying

Single investigators or research teams will be asked to demonstrate how their innovative research program will impact the current COVID-19 crisis and/or assist in society’s recovery or preparedness for future pandemics.

To register your intent to apply and receive the McMaster application form, submit your Notice of Intent (NOI) to both your Associate Dean of Research and  Christina Pellegrini in ROADS.  To assist in planning, NOIs are requested by May 4.  

Full applications are due Friday, May 15.

Decisions will be communicated in early June