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Thank you for attending McMaster University's Big Data Forum on Wednesday September 24, 2014 at the McMaster Innovation Park.

Below you will find the PowerPoint presentations from our keynote speaker, Tom Jenkins and the ten panelists who utilized PowerPoint for their sessions. Everyone graciously agreed to share them with you, as well as a downloadable pdf file. We have also included the links to OpenText where you will find downloadable files for the e-copies of the three books Tom Jenkins mentioned in his presentation -- these links are provided at the bottom of this page.





(click on full screen icon to view online)

Panelist Presentation


Using Data for Innovation

Nigel Fonseca, CEO, SWI

Download the PDF of Nigel's presentation here

 Ben Zifkin
Founder & CEO Hubba





Privacy & Security Issues

Brian Detlor
McMaster University

Download a PDF of Brian's presentation here


Donald Stuss
President & Scientific Director OBI

Download a PDF of Donald's presentation here

 Mark Kovarski
Cisco Senior Lead Consultant

Download a PDF of Mark's Presentation here
 Jerry Iwanski Senior VP Technology Integration & Business Development, Route 1

Download a PDF of Jerry's presentation here

 Session 4

Building the Talent

Annette Ryan, Director General, Employment & Social Development

Download a PDF of Annette's presentation here

 Session 5

Infrastructure Needs

Pierre Mullin
Head of Smart Grid Software R&D Systems, Siemens

Download a PDF copy of Pierre's presentation here

 Selim Burduroğlu Global Innovation Evangelist & Architect

Download a PDF copy of Selim's presentation


Bill Dupley
Cloud Strategist (Canada)

Download a PDF copy of Bill's presentation here

Tom Jenkins

Behind the Firewall

BIG DATA AND THE HIDDEN WEB:The Path to Enterprise Information Management

(click on full screen icon to view online)

Link to OpenText here



Tom Jenkins

e-Government or Out of Government

(click on full screen icon to view online)

Link to OpenText here


Mark J. Barrenechea &

Tom Jenkins


Enterprise Information Management: The Next Generation of Enterprise Software

(click on full screen icon to view online)

Link to OpenText here




Tom Jenkins

Managing Content in the Cloud
Link to OpenText site to download this book (requires registration)