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About the Forum

Forum Overview

Big Data Forum Wednesday September 24th
an Invitation Only event @ McMaster Innovation Park

Forum Overview:



We have designed the Big Data Forum to be a by-invitation only discussion of key issues we confront in the use of data for innovation.  It is both a reflection of what has happened over the past decade (or longer) and a forum to explore what is needed over the next decade.  We have structured the day to be a series of paneled sessions to encourage frank and deep discussions of the issues that surround the use of data.  These issues are complex and reflect a range of expertise and insights.  Through the development of a cross-disciplinary approach towards future innovation, we will have the opportunity to rapidly move forward to develop the technology and the analytical tools needed to make better and more informed decisions.  We are looking forward to an exchange of ideas and best practices as we examine opportunities and methods for translating research innovations to practical industry and policy use. 

Forum Objectives:


  • Identify important needs and emerging areas of interest that can benefit from recent developments in computing and the increased availability of data.
  • Provide a forum for networking and exchanging ideas and best practices.
  • Identify and examine opportunities and methods for translating innovations in research to industry.
  • Provide example of Public–Private-Partnership (PPP) synergies to support the transformation from research to industrial/government activities.